Evelyn Mountain Contracting (EMC) has been a part of the Northern BC forest industry for 24 years. We have a long history in forest sector work, construction and industrial services, and forestry related training services. Our services are offered primarily in the Skeena-Stikine and Nadina forestry regions of Northwestern BC, although various projects have had us working in Alberta and the Peace region.

EMC provides heavy equipment and operators, supervisors, and ground crews for forestry work such as line clearing and timber harvesting, wildland firefighting and prescribed burning, danger tree assessing and falling, slashing and brushing, and other silviculture projects.

We’ve worked on many contracts in northern forest districts, making us very familiar with the region and its challenges.  Due to the large variety in type and size of projects that EMC undertakes in any given year, we have the capability of rapidly responding to changes in project needs with qualified workers and additional equipment.

Due to our long and stable work history in the forest industry, we are able to employ some of the most experienced crews in the north.  We ensure our employees receive and update training on a regular basis, and we have an excellent company safety record. The staff and crew of Evelyn Mountain Contracting take pride in our collective experience, training, and expertise.